While We’re Away #1

Now that we’re finished with Chapter 2, as I mentioned last week (and as we did between Chapters 1 and 2), we’re going to take a little time off. This allows me to get through a few other little projects I’ve been working on. It also allows time for Jason and I to center ourselves, to right our ship. We want to make sure that we stay on course and don’t get lost in the extra little details and ignore the story as a whole. While Jason is much further ahead of me in terms of art vs. writing, sometimes I have to change panels here or there and that can have an effect on story. So, we break. It’s okay though. I’ll be putting up posts each week for you to come back for if you’re already caught up. And as I did between Chapters 1 and 2, we’ll be getting some new website imagery soon. Very soon.

Here’s a video of me inking things!