Were you all expecting a car chase? This is a ten page tale. No time for that. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. Everything in the first two pages was meant to bring us here, and things will officially kick off. Meanwhile, we get a look at the official Agency cars, which are loosely based off the Lamborghini Diamante, and we meet a new agent named Rickie. She’s named after a singer, whose song I was listening to while writing this. She may appear in The Jacket at some point.

Of the three side stories that were planned to accompany Volume 1, this is actually the newest, thought up back in May during Harrisburg Comic Con. I originally intended it to be part of Volume 2’s side stories, but Randy convinced me it was a better fit for Volume 1. And it absolutely is, for the reasons we mentioned last week. So here it is. Time to head inside.