Jason Biamonte

Jason Biamonte is a writer from Pennsylvania. He graduated from Gettysburg College with a BA in English with a Writing Concentration in 2011. He has yet to be published. Posted are some of his short and long works. More will come.

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Randy Haldeman

Randy Haldeman is a freelance artist based in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Along with Jason he helped shape the world of The Jacket over the course of a few years, until finally tackling the project as a webcomic in June 2016. He has been published in a handful of comic anthologies (Torsobear, Kayfabe), has been featured on Comic Bastard’s Indie-Ween, and has done freelance illustrations/commissions for range of clients. To check out all of his current and future projects, as well as to see behind-the-scenes work of The Jacket, follow him at any of the links below!

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