And now, our two main characters come face to face. Last time, I talked about how Harry has evolved since this story’s inception. Mr. Munn here has had quite a journey too. For one, he never existed in the earliest drafts. Harker’s goons were just nameless, disposable goons to start with. But, as I’ve mentioned before, Harker himself changed throughout this process, and as such, those around him changed too. Once we figured out his Hollywood background, it only made sense that some of his henchmen might have known him back then. Perhaps some were also a part of that world. Enter Mr. Munn.

He may seem like a new character, but we’ve seen him throughout Volume 1. He was the fellow in the alien mask standing by Harker during the Logan kidnapping footage in Chapter 1, and Harker speaks to him briefly in Chapter 3. There, he’s wearing a mask with his own personal logo, the same logo that can be found emblazoned on the gun on this story’s cover. Once we identified this particular henchmen and started making him unique, it only made sense to flesh him out further. However, the end of Chapter 3 brings about the end of Harker and his little cabal. Hence, the idea for this story came about, giving us a brief look into the mind of Julius Munn.