There’s a line from a TS Eliot poem I always enjoyed: “In my end is my beginning.” Fits rather well for today. We’ve done it folks. Volume 1 is at its end, and from there, a new beginning in Volume 2. Never thought I’d be saying that. I say that a lot, and I mean it every time. What a long, strange trip it’s been, bringing this comic to life. And there’s still two volumes and seven chapters left.


As usual, we’re going on a break, but that’s not all. We have a Kickstarter going, where you can procure yourself a physical copy of Volume 1, which will include other, never before seen side stories that will never appear online. These stories dabble in mythology, history, and other events that happened concurrently with the main story. Though the comic will always be online here, trust me, nothing beats holding a physical copy in your hands. So, if that interests you, or you wish to further support us in this grand endeavor, head on over to We appreciate any and all support, even if it’s just coming here and reading the pages week after week.


So, I suppose I should leave you all with a little taste of what’s to come in Volume 2, right? Well, in the next volume, we’re going deeper into the world, the characters, the history, everything. The first volume was an introduction. Now, we’re going to start learning the why behind everything. With that, I’ll leave you with two key hints about Chapter 4: 1.) The title is “One Vision” and 2.) It is very similar to Chapter 2. See you all soon.