In all seriousness, are you guys ready for this? Jason called this the meeting of the titans, and that’s exactly what this is in our story. With both Colton and Harker ready to throw down, who are you rooting for?

I also wanted to bring up that we postponed our plans for a Kickstarter. That said, if you’re looking to grab your print copy of Volume 1, PLUS all of it’s exclusive extras (25 pages of extra Jacket-related sidestories), then get ready! The Kickstarter for The Jacket Volume 1 will launch next Tuesday with the release of page 18 of Chapter 3. It’ll run for 30-days and we would love your help in spreading the word. We couldn’t ever thank you enough for all the support we’ve gotten already and we can’t wait to bring this story to paper for all of you.

Jason will be back with you all on Thursday, and we’ll see you all next week for our Kickstarter and the final pieces of Chapter 3.