The briefing. Finally.

It’s one of those scenes that I like creating. One that is all build up. Fast paced, and about getting shit done. We’re finally about to break the “teens” of Chapter 3 and as Jason said last week, we’re climaxing.

Once Volume 1 (Chapters 1 through 3) is completed, we’ll be taking some time off as we build up a nice chunk of side stories to go into the final printed form of Volume 1. That said, print copies will be available for purchase if you attend Baltimore Comic-Con in September, or if you decide to buy them directly from us. Either way you should know that the printed Volume 1 will come with stories we won’t be posting online.

I also believe it is worth mentioning that we are just one month away from celebrating our one year posting anniversary (I wanted to call it The Jacket-iversary, but that sounded dirtier than I intended). We can’t thank all of you enough for reading our comic. The journey we’ve been on this entire year is culminating into a special blog post “release” just for you. So on June 16, the Friday after Chapter 3: Page 21 releases, we’ll be unleashing a video upon the world that hasn’t been seen in years. You’ll just have to wait to find out what it is.

Thank you all.