Well, here we are, just about at the halfway point of Chapter 3. From here on out, you can officially consider this the climax of not only the chapter, but Volume 1 itself. Everything we’ve been building up to for the last two and a half chapters is coming to a head over the remaining pages. This is the farthest we have ever gone with this comic, and we’re far from done yet.

Since Randy mentioned it in his post, I thought it right to do it here too. This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, and Randy and I were invited as guests to Four Corners Comics in Gettysburg. ‘Twas a surreal, yet serendipitous feeling, returning to the place where The Jacket was physically born. See, I went to college at Gettysburg, and it was in the campus library that I wrote the first draft of Chapter 1.  I had not been back since graduating, and returning with the new Chapter 1 seemed only fitting. So, I’d like to thank the owners of Four Corners for inviting us. And thank you to all who came to our table. It was a genuine pleasure talking to all of you. The bar has now been set real high for all FCBD/conventions to come.