Welcome to The Jacket. A comic that is written by Jason Biamonte, and drawn by me, Randy Haldeman. This is the cover to The Jacket’s first chapter, From the Beginning.

The story can be best described as 1984 meets Watchmen. The world is one where absolutely anybody can be a super-powered person. All they need is any ordinary looking object that unlocks their true potentials, their true selves. Sounds like paradise, if the government hadn’t seized and destroyed all the items. Or did they?

Starting on Thursday, June 16, 2016, the first page will be posted. Every Thursday after June 16th, we will post a new page of the story. As we move along, we hope to move the posting to two pages a week, but bear with us as we make that transition possible.

We’ve been writing this comic for over five years now, and we hope you love it. See you again soon!

-Jason and Randy