Well, we’re back.

Chapter 3’s first page will post this Thursday morning, as usual. Back to our regular Tuesday/Thursday post schedule for The Jacket. The website remodel is still coming soon, as promised.

Moving into Chapter 3, we’d like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our fans, followers, and friends. You all have been so supportive of us and this comic. We can’t ever thank you enough. That said, our intention with this comic has always been to print it, self-publishing so that we keep full control of the content. Just as a heads up, we plan to run a Kickstarter for The Jacket during the month of May. There will be many great rewards to go along with the Kickstarter, such as extra side-stories (that won’t ever be part of the webcomic) and a chance to own The Jacket: Volume 1 (Print collection of Chapters 1 to 3)! Keep this in the back of your mind, and you’ll hear more soon.

Jason will be back with you on Thursday for Page 1 of Chapter 3. Until then, time to fly like an eagle.